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Aarts and Beenakker elected APS Fellow

Physicists Carlo Beenakker and Jan Aarts have been elected Fellows of the American Physical Society. Carlo Beenakker: 'People acknowledge your contribution, that is just very good to hear.'

Since Monday 28 September, the American Physical Society has 163 new Fellows. Among these are Leiden physicists Jan Aarts and Carlo Beenakker.

'I'm very glad', says theoretical physicist Carlo Beenakker, 'The US is one of the major nations in physics. We publish in American journals, and the APS March Meeting is the one major physics converence. When you are a fellow, this is an acknowledgement of your contribution. And I think it's very special that Jan Aarts was elected at the same time.'

Solid File

Aarts was elected for 'ground-breaking contributions to the experimental investigations of complex-electron superconductors and superconductor-ferromagnet interfaces, and for exceptional service to science and society', while Beenakker's motivation was: 'for definitive contributions to the theory of quantum transport and outstanding service to the international scientific community.'

Candidate fellows are nominated by colleagues who have to compose a solid supporting dossier. Beenakker: 'Therefore, you know that a colleague went to quite some trouble.' After that, a committee elects the fellows.

The fellowship doesn't come with obligations to the APS, but it doesn't bring special advantages, either, says Beenakker, 'you still have to pay your membership dues.'

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