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Leiden student associations join together on online platform

The Local Chamber of Associations (PKvV) has launched an online media platform that brings together all 24 Leiden student associations. It developed the platform over the past months in conjunction with Leiden University, University of Applied Sciences Leiden and Leiden Marketing.

The target audience of the studentenstadleiden.nl site (in Dutch) includes prospective students who have signed up for the introduction weeks from the start of August. Choosing a student association can be difficult at the best of times, but the corona measures have made this harder still. The new platform makes it possible to compare the different associations and get a better idea of which ones will suit you best. 

‘Student associations are an important part of student life in Leiden,’ says Rector Magnificus Carel Stolker. ‘It is fantastic to see all 24 associations on this site. Each student can find out exactly what will suit them.’

Alongside providing general information on the student associations, the platform will also be used to share information about Leiden and the latest news. There is also a calendar of study-related events.

‘The site showcases the wide range of associations in Leiden,’ says Hein Laterveer, chair of the PKvV. ‘There are all sorts of activities, news items, videos and photos. It’s also a good example of the collaboration in Leiden between the associations, universities and partners in the city. Now our options of meeting in person are limited, a digital presence is hugely important and we are more connected than ever.’

Photo above: start of EL CID in 2019.

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