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'New' dummy MRI scanner

The old dummy MRI scanner in the LUMC was replaced by a 'new' one from Marktplaats (!) at the beginning of July 2020. This device is used specifically for children and adults suffering from claustrophobia, and to introduce the elderly to the scanner.

The dummy MRI scanner (0 Tesla) is an MRI scanner without magnetic field that is used for both scientific research and the clinic. This 'new' model, has many functionalities that allow the MRI experience to be simulated even more accurately.

The NEO Kids research (in Dutch) is an example where the dummy MRI scanner is used.


The MRI bed, the tunnel with lighting, the control panel including laser light and the emergency stop to prevent entrapment of fingers make the device indistinguishable from the real thing. As a nice addition, the MRI sound can be imitated via a sound amplifier.

Sponsors + acknowledgements

The MRI researchers had long wished to improve the simulation of the MRI experience. The department of Radiology (LUMC) made a budget available and with the combined efforts of the Research Consultancy Center, Medical Technology, Clinical Physics, Gorter Group and Convoi this was realized in a very short period of time. 

We would like to thank the management of the Radiology Department for the trust they have placed in us to consult and negotiate with the selling party within the set parameters.

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