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Student parties faculty council intoduce themselves: Liberale Studentenpartij

This year’s University elections will be held from 25 to 29 May. You get to choose who will represent you this coming year in the University Council as well as the faculty council of the Science Faculty. This week, the various student parties will introduce themselves. Today: Liberale Studentenpartij.

'The Liberale Studentenpartij wants you to study in your own way. What do we mean by that:

  • That  you can easily follow a course at a different university or do your thesis research at an external company
  • That all study schedules are made available in a timely manner. Some students only receive their detailed schedule only weeks in advance. Others receive the schedule for the entire year in August and we want that to be the case for all students.
  • That enough practice exams are available. That way you know what to expect during an exam
  • That besides your bachelor’s degree you don’t need any required grades or electives to gain access to a master course.
  • That all lecture rooms have recording equipment for teachers to use and you to rewatch lectures. Corona has made this a necessity but let’s keep doing this in the future.

'See liberalestudentenpartij.nl for all our plans'

Every day this week, a student party will introduce themselves:

Monday 18 May: ONS

Tuesday 19 May: LVS

Wednesday 20 May: CSL

Thursday 21 May: LSP

Click here to learn more on the elections.


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