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Canadian grant for research on terrorism

At the end of March, the ‘Community Resilience Fund’, a programme of the Canadian federal government, approved a research grant for Dr. Bart Schuurman of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs.

The funds will be used to study why most people who radicalise do not actually become involved in terrorist violence. The grant will be used to hire a PostDoc who will conduct 2,5 years of research on cases from North America. The Canadian funds complement the Veni-grant that Bart received in July 2019 [from NWO] and enables a larger study to be made of non-involvement in terrorist violence.

Canada Centre

The Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence (Canada Centre) was launched in 2017 and leads the Government of Canada's efforts to counter radicalization to violence.

The Canada Centre leads the Community Resilience Fund (CRF), a key tool for supporting partnerships and innovation in countering radicalization to violence in Canada.

The CRF launched in December 2016 and provides financial assistance to organizations towards:

  • Enhancing research capacity for policy development, programming and engagement activities;
  • Supporting evidence-based models and practices;
  • Building capacity through expert knowledge, enhancing cooperation and knowledge transfer to key stakeholders; and
  • Empowering local communities.

Dr. Bart Schuurman works as a researcher for the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) on various projects, including a dissertation on the development of the Hofstad group. In addition, his research focuses on strategic negotiations between governments and non-state actors, the influence of public support on the course of terrorism-related conflicts, the military theoretician Carl von Clausewitz and obstacles to Western success in so-called 'asymmetric conflicts'.

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