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Open Call: Creation of Two SPOCs (Small Private Online Course) for Cyber Specialization

For the cyber specialization within the master program Crisis and Security Management, the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) seeks to provide two online courses (SPOCs) to ensure that all students will be on the same page when it comes to prior knowledge of the technicalities of cyber space and cyber threats.

We therefore request the creation of two video-based SPOCs with the following content:
1)    Technical introduction into Cyber space
2)    Technical introduction into Cyber security

Together the online courses should provide an introduction to key technical aspects of cyber space and cybersecurity for students with a non-technical background. The SPOCs should cover five general themes: (1) novel technological developments, (2) Information Technology (IT) architecture and networks, (3) Operational Technology (OT), (4) cybersecurity threats and (5) solution spaces. Students should be provided with a broad overview of IT and OT architecture, relevant security challenges and potential means and mechanisms for protecting and defending IT/OT architectures. Focus will be mainly on technology. Through the SPOC, students will gain:

  • basic knowledge and understanding of IT and OT architectures;
  • basic knowledge and understanding security challenges in IT and OT networks and technological security components to defend these networks (like firewalls, endpoint protection, etc.);
  • basic knowledge of cybersecurity threats;
  • basic knowledge and understanding of new and currently developing technological trends, and the scope of security risks these entail (e.g. blockchain and datamining);
  • basic knowledge and understanding of solution spaces, such as the use of encryption, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

The following criteria apply:

  • Each SPOC should consist of 5-6 videos (up to 10 minutes each) in which an expert explains at master level the basic technicalities required for the specialization governance of cyber security in the ISGA master program;
  • Each SPOC is worth 2 ECTS of study effort of prospected students (equal to roughly 56 hours of studying the prescribed literature, watching the videos and completing the exam);
  • The expert/contractor should design a brief syllabus with prescribed reading materials that accompany each video;
  • The expert/contractor should also design the exam questions and answers related to the video content and prescribed readings, which will be quality-checked by the cyber security research group who are responsible for the exam qualifications of the Institute‚Äôs programs;
  • The expert should be demonstrably qualified to teach at university master level;
  • The prescribed literature is accessible for the students through the university library catalogue or through open access provisions;
  • The project needs to be completed by August 15, 2020 so that the SPOCs can be offered online by September 2020.

We hereby invite bids for the complete project, specifying the costs for the separate items (scripts and videos for SPOC 1, scripts and videos SPOC 2, exam Q&As for both courses, and provide updates for the following 2.5 years to keep the SPOC up-to-date and compatible with the content of the Cyber Specialization track). The costs for hosting and providing the videos online to the students in a shielded learning environment will be covered by the university. The videos should be free of copy rights. Key criteria for this tender include: 1) demonstrable experience and the expertise of the contractor in design of university teaching modules at master level; 2) price competitiveness.


Deadline: March 15, 2020 at 12:00 CET.

Contact: Dr. S.L. Kuipers, ISGA Director of Education, at s.l.kuipers@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

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