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Annie Romein-Verschoor lecture: Instagram as banner

Milou Deelen, a feminist and journalist in her early twenties, will start her lecture with the video she produced herself on slut shaming This video marked the start of her feminist struggle. Deelen's talk cites Instagram as an important medium to spread the feminist message.

Deelen studied in Groningen and was a member of the Vindicat student fraternity. She will explain in her Annie Romein-Verschoor lecture (ARV) why she made the video on slut shaming in her student fraternity, and what the reactions were - mainly on social media. What impact did it have on her life? 

She will then talk about  her work in journalism, addressing such feminist issues as intimidation on the streets, 'free the nipple', sexual freedom, shared responsibility for contraception, domestic violence and #Me Too.

Milou Deelen is one of the pioneers of the present generation of young feminists. What is this generation fighting for and what are the similarities and differences with earlier waves of feminism? One obvious difference is the phenomenon of social media, the role of which cannot be underestimated. The importance of social media is why young feminists like Deelen use Instagram as a banner for spreading their cause.

Annie Romein-Verschoor ARV
Mieke Verloor

Mieke Verloor: referee

Mieke Verloor conducts research on political forces that block progress in the struggle against sexism, homophobia, transphobia and racism, and at the same time actively promote exclusion and violence. She is also studying the place of the body, sexuality and relationships in politics. 

Verloor grew up in Flanders, in northern Belgium, and studied sociology and urban planning in Nijmegen. She worked as a researcher and policy adviser on research, and was academic director of major European research projects at various Dutch universities and in Vienna. She currently combines her position as Professor of Comparative Political Science and Inequality Issues at Radboud University with a role as Permanent Fellow at the Institute of Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna. In 2015 she received the ECPG Career Achievement Award for her work in the field of gender and politics.

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5 March, 20.00 hrs. (reception with coffee from 19.30 hrs.)
Academy Building, Great Auditorium
Rapenburg 73, Leiden

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