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Snouck Hurgronje Prize goes to Leiden Resuscitation Day

Quick resuscitation can save lives, but under 1% of the population of Leiden is a community first responder. Student associations and various partners in Leiden want to give a resuscitation course to 500 residents and students of Leiden. This special project has won the LUF’s Snouck Hurgronje Prize.

The Prize was instituted by the Leiden University Fund (LUF) to reward innovative student initiatives that bring people closer together, says LUF Director and jury member Eline Danker: ‘This is a perfect example of an initiative that will bring people together and have a huge impact on society.’ The winner was announced on Cleveringa Evening on 28 November. The winning students belong to a partnership between the PKvV (Local Chamber of Associations) and MASCQ, the big five Leiden student associations (Minerva, Augustinus, SSR, Catena and Quintus). The prize: a cheque to the tune of 5,000 euros. ‘We’re over the moon,’ said Hein Laterveer, chair of the PKvV. ‘This means we really can do something for the city and help make Leiden a safer place.’

Mike de Wit (Committee for General Student Activity Grants; CASSA), Hein Laterveer (PKvV), Roderik van Grieken (LUF board) and Eline Danker (LUF Director).

Increase survival rate after a heart attack

Every day around 35 people in the Netherlands suffer from a heart attack. The first six minutes are crucial to their survival. Irreparable brain damage can arise after only six minutes, but it can take up to 15 minutes for an ambulance to reach the victim. Laterveer: ‘It’s important therefore that as many people as possible have had resuscitation training, students in particular because they are often out and about at night.’ The big five student associations in Leiden and the PKvV held a resuscitation week in 2018. This year, they and partner organisations such as the Municipality of Leiden have opted for one big resuscitation day, which will be held in spring 2020.

Free resuscitation course

The exact date and location of the resuscitation day are yet to be decided. A large group of medical students will give the free course together with resuscitation organisation Taskforce QRS Leiden. In the four-hour course, the participants will learn about the recovery position, the Heimlich manoeuvre and more. The course will end with a test, and if the participants pass, they will receive a certificate from the Netherlands Resuscitation Council. The certificate will mean they can register as community first responders. Danker from the LUF hopes that this initiative will also be repeated in The Hague and other student cities.

Other nominees

The two other nominees for this first Snouck Hurgronje Prize were Canal Cups, which wants to make the canals of Leiden plastic free, and Student Sports Meet Leiden, which wants to organise a sports day to bring people closer together.  

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Leiden Resuscitation Day is the product of the City and Student partnership. The partners involved (the PKvV, the big five student associations in MASCQ, the Municipality of Leiden and Leiden Marketing) deliberate on how to bring students and the city closer together.

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