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LUCDH Workshop - November 2019

Studium Digitale: An Introduction to Network Data, Analysis, and Visualization


Studium Digitale is a workshop series organized by the Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities that provides introductory or advanced knowledge on digital tools that benefit humanities research. The upcoming workshop will explore tools and theories for spatial research and is taught by Jonathan Bos (Fryske Akademy/ Leiden University Institute of History).

Humanities data almost invariably have spatial and locational dimensions and the visualization and analysis of these can powerfully advance your research. This holds for Humanities scholarship across the board, with topics ranging from village economies in antiquity to cyber warfare today and from the travels of physical cultural artifacts to the distribution of literary genres throughout the world, etc. Everything humans do and make has a spatial dimension.

What is the location of space and place in your projects and what can these dimensions do for your research and your development as a scholar at large? 

These questions pertain to the inventory and analysis of your research materials but also to the presentation of your work to others. For example, maps of all kinds (here’s a spectacular example: https://mapoflondon.uvic.ca/), visual representations of social networks, combining historical data with contemporary GIS data, and so on. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), allow you to unlock the spaces and places in your research. This workshop will provide an introduction to QGIS 3.

QGIS3 is installed on all the workstations in the room. Participants can also use their own machines. If you decide to do the latter, please download, install, and run QGIS3 at least once to make sure it is functioning properly.

You will learn:

  • To understand the potential and challenge of exploring spatial components in your research.
  • Key concepts in spatial research, allowing you to better communicate with specialists
  • The basics of QGIS, a widely used, open source and multi-purpose Geographic Information Systems.

This workshop is meant for those who are completely new to GIS and those who have some experience with spatial visualizations, but would like to think or work through core concepts in dialogue with the instructor and other humanities researchers and students.

The workshop takes place in Lipsius/126 on November 29 from 13:00-17:00. Followed by Drinks at ‘t Pakhuys (Doelensteeg 8).

The maximum number of participants 20. If you are interested in participating, please sign up by sending an email to lucdh@hum.leidenuniv.nl


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