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Joost Visser appointed as professor of Large Scale Software and Data Science

On 15 November Joost Visser started as Professor of Large Scale Software and Data Science at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS). He will head the software engineering research at LIACS and becomes head of the ICT in Business and the Public Sector master's program.

DNA of our digital society

According to Visser, 'software is the DNA of our increasingly digital society', which calls for powerful techniques to analyse, measure, and support decision-making in and around software engineering and IT management. His research aims to combine techniques for controlled change from the software engineering domain with experimental techniques from the data science and machine learning domains. Visser: 'At LIACS I will have the chance to further the research around software and data, as well as to ensure these techniques are embedded in the education of future digital leaders.'

Joost Visser has been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Head of Research at the Software Improvement Group (SIG) in Amsterdam. With his team at SIG he created, calibrated and validated a standardized model for maintainability of software. He was also part-time Professor of Large-Scale Software Systems at Radboud University Nijmegen and co-authored the O'Reilly book 'Building Maintainable Software'.

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