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Introducing new students for the Programme Committee of CADS

The Programme Committee consists of teachers, students, a secretary and an education coordinator. The committee meets once a month (on average), to discuss a variety of educational issues. Selected students of CADS represent the student perspective in these meetings, in which for example the transparency of grading, the evaluations of courses and the education programme are discussed. Are you curious have been elected into the Programme Committee? Read on to find out!

Jorn van Bladel

"My name is Jorn van Bladel, I'm 23 years old and doing the visual ethnography master's track. I love film, photography and good conversations. I think it's important that students know they can come up to me in the university, or message me anywhere else, about anything and everything. My goal as a member for the Programma Committee is to make sure the students of CADS feel like their input is taken seriously and that the study is being improved based on their vision. I think this is best done by translating student views into new or existing policy documents."

Dante Boomgaard

"Hi, my name is Dante, I am 18 years old and a first-year student. I am really enthusiastic about the existence of this committee, and I am excited about being a new member. I want to represent all of the students as good as possible, so please feel free to talk to me if you have an idea, a question or something else to say. It’s great to improve the programme for current students, but also for future students."

Wouter Keijzer

"Hi! My name’s Wouter, 20 years old and in my third year of the bachelor's in Cultural Anthropology. I’m also this year’s Education Officer on the board of Itiwana. With the Programme Committee, I’m looking forward to be an accessible point of contact for student opinions on courses, teachers, lectures and assignments. Because of the connection between Itiwana and the institute, I hope to get a better overview of the reviews on courses etc. and a better view of opinions circling around the Hok. I hope my membership of this Committee will be of good use for improving our education!

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