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Leiden programming team qualifies for world championships

The team 'git merge -s octopus solution cup' has won the programming competition 'Northwestern Europe Regional Contest' on November 17. For the first time in 20 years, a team from Leiden has won this contest. On top of that, it is the second victory for the team in a month.

Best of 123 team

In Eindhoven, 123 teams from Northwestern Europe came together and competed for a place in the world championships. The Leiden team, consisting of Ludo Pulles, Reinier Schmiermann, and Pim Spelier, managed to solve 9 problems. A team from Cambridge ran in parallel with the team from Leiden but had more penalty time due to incorrect submissions. They, therefore, had to settle for second place.


A month ago 'git merge -s octopus solution cup' also won the Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest. With the new victory, the Leiden team qualifies for the world championship in Moscow that will take place in June 2020.

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