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Assessor Jonatan Wirix-Speetjens is committed to getting students more involved

From September 1 onwards, Jonatan Wirix-Speetjens is the new assessor of the Faculty of Humanities. He takes over the baton of former assessor Olivier Fajgenblat. To get to know him a bit better, he introduces himself in this video.

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Community building

‘Our faculty has so many courses and students that I think that community building is an important term,' Jonatan explains. ‘Seeking a common thread to make all those different students feel like Humanities students - and not only African Studies or Art History students, for example - is something I want to work on during my assessorship. A lot of students do not yet feel really involved or active in thinking about the university or are not sure whether their opinions matter. Often, therefore, it is up to individuals who are a little more at the forefront and more easily make their voices heard to make decisions.’

Do you want to know more about Jonatan and his future plans?

Then read the article of August 8, in which Jonatan and former assessor Olivier Fajgenblat look back on and look ahead to being assessor at the Faculty of Humanities.

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