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Translation Beauty and Joy of Computing may convince girls to choose computer science

Programming courses are often only available in English. All the more reason for the Programming Education Research Lab (PERL) of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS), Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Twente to translate the 'Beauty and Joy of Computing' programming lessons into Dutch. The first chapter was published online at the beginning of September.

Do it yourself

Last year, PERL received funding for the project from 4TU to translate the American course material into Dutch. The lessons are aimed at secondary school students who can use the 'Snap!' programming language to find out for themselves that programming is more than just mathematics and games.


The students can also use the course material to create works of art, for example, and express their creativity in this way. ‘It is much more focused on making beautiful things, and less on puzzles,' says Felienne Hermans. ‘In America, this has led to more girls opting for computer science.’ 

View the first chapter of 'Beauty and Joy of Computing' in Dutch.

Do you want to participate in this project? On 6 November, the researchers and volunteers will meet again for a translation session. You can register for the session via this registration form.

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