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New Collaboration with ICM Weekendschool Den Haag

On Sunday 15 September 'ICM Weekendschool Den Haag' (ICM Weekend School The Hague) gathered at the Wijnhaven location for the first time.

The ICM Weekendschool Den Haag convenes each Sunday and consists of a group of inquisitive youngsters eager to learn from enthusiastic professionals from a wide range of disciplines. Until recently, the weekend school would meet at a community centre but starting September they have moved to Wijnhaven. A wonderful opportunity to strengthen the bonds with the citizens of The Hague.

You can read more here (in Dutch) about the weekend school and their first experiences in our building.

'A location that stimulates the educational character of the weekend school and allows for plenty of room to grow as institution.' ICM Weekendschool

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