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Visit the renewed Leiden Law Blog

The Leiden Law Blog has been completely renewed. It is now more interactive and blogs can be more easily shared.

The design of the blog has also changed. It now corresponds better with Leiden University house style and displays better on mobile devices.

About the Leiden Law Blog

In the blog, Leiden Law School employees, students and guests share their expertise. They write about research, react to current events and take part in scientific debate.



Since the launch of the blog in 2012, the Leiden Law Blog has been visited more than 747,000 times by people from outside Leiden University. In 2018, there were 141,000 unique visitors. Last year, 65 percent of the visitors found the blog via a Google search. The remaining visitors used a direct link, for example in a newsletter or on the university website, or found the blog via social media.

Much more than in the first years of the Leiden Law Blog, people nowadays visit the site from their smartphone. This number is still increasing.

The top 5 countries from which people visited the blog are the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, India and Germany.

Best read blogs

The following blogs were ‘best read’ in 2018:
•    The right of residence for non-EU parents of EU citizen children: the Chavez-Vilchez Case - Mark Klaassen
•    What about CV-BV structures and state aid? - Jan Vleggeert
•    Banker to the Resistance - Pim Rank

Contributing to the Leiden Law Blog

New blogs are always welcome, both from employees and students. Note that students always require advance permission from their lecturer. For more information and tips, please contact the editorial team member at your institute.

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