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Leiden archaeologists in play about frontiers

Archaeologists from Leiden University are contributing to Grens, a theatre performance in Leiden’s Matilo neighbourhood.

Running through Matilo is the Limes: the old Roman frontier that once protected civilisation from the barbarians. The archaeologists from Leiden will give their professional view of this and other frontiers during the meal after the performance. They are working on this programme by PStheater within the scope of Neighbourhood University, part of the celebrations of the 444th anniversary of Leiden University. The University is providing a number of tickets to residents of the neighbourhood who might not otherwise come to such a performance. 

The speakers are:

  • Wednesday 11 September: Tom Hazenberg
  • Friday 13 September: Julia Chorus (archaeology alumna) 
  • Saturday 14 September: Tom Hazenberg
  • Sunday 15 September: Tatiana Ivleva

GRENS, the new musical theatre performance by  NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) and PStheater is about the question: who are we? And why?  This fun summer performance can be seen at Matilo Park in Leiden from 11 to 15 and includes dinner afterwards. 

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