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Leiden Anthropology Conference: Call for Contributions

More than 100 anthropologists work at Leiden University – not only at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (CA/DS) in the Faculty of Social Sciences, but also within other faculties, for example at Archaeology, Law, the Humanities, or the Leiden University Medical Centre.

Call for Contributions    

The Leiden Anthropology Conference on February 14, 2020, aims to bring Leiden anthropologists together. The conference presents a unique opportunity to explore questions around anthropology in a variety of disciplinary settings, exchange ideas and experiences on inter-departmental networking and explore future collaborations among Leiden anthropologists.

This conference will focus on questions around the interdisciplinary character of anthropology. How are multiple approaches (social, cultural, historical, linguistic, audio-visual and multimodal etc.) taken up as part of the anthropological methodological and theoretical toolbox? How do anthropologists working inside and outside anthropology departments navigate intellectual boundaries between the social sciences, the humanities and other disciplines? We specifically aim to explore how the four main focus themes of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (Diversity, Digitalization, Sustainability, Methodology) resonate across the university. How can an ethnographic approach enrich the study of human diversity and power relations, sustainability, and digital societies? Do anthropological methodologies and theories enhance research in other disciplines, and vice versa? And which collaborations can we envision - across institutes, departments and disciplines - to make the fullest use of anthropological expertise and experiences present at Leiden University?

Are you an anthropologist and do you work at Leiden University (including Campus Den Haag and LUMC)? Join us! We welcome contributions that address the above questions for the Leiden Anthropology Conference on February 14, 2020. Please submit your abstracts (max. 250 words) for (audio/visual) presentations by October 6 to secrcaos@fsw.leidenuniv.nl. For questions please contact dr. Jasmijn Rana.

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