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Kick Off: World Class The Hague

Following the United Nations Day of peace the kick off of World Class The Hague 2019-2020 took place at Museon, The Hague. World Class is a forum for discussion where selected students from various institutions across The Hague are given the opportunity to visit international institutions, engage in debates, attend conferences and become a part of a community comprised of an international mix of talent.

Finding Solutions for the Future

The opening event took place at Museon which currently houses an exhibition on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The kick-off was not limited to one location however, and as a part of the day various institutes across the city opened their doors showing hospitality to the World Class of 2019-2020. 

The kickoff was dotted with young faces of over sixty students representing various educational institutions across The Hague. They were brought together to share the adventure of finding solutions for the future of the planet. A warm networking reception took place and was followed by a speech from Willem Post, International Advisor to the Mayor of The Hague.

As the international city for Peace and Justice The Hague houses over three hundred institutions working on a better future. The reputation of The Hague has grown but it has now come to an important cross-roads according to Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines. Peace and Justice are central to a future of digitalization and the World Class of 2019-2020 were invited to pose questions to speakers and officials on how to ensure that future is to be one of security and sustainability.

Everyone Should Have a Stake in the Future.

Building on the speech given by the King of Jordan the previous year, Laurien Koster led a forum of discussion centered on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. She took students and officials by the hand through the convention and its importance to wider society. Her closing remarks encouraged students to take ‘the value of justice for all’ to their home countries. 

 Everyone should have a stake in the future and World Class The Hague is giving young students the opportunity to do just that. Officials and students gathered were reminded of the value of discussion, networking and community when building a foundation for change.

Events for World Class The Hague will continue to take place throughout the year, building on the success it has achieved and continuing to highlight the values that The Hague embodies.

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