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‘Summer tours are a real experience’

Local broadcaster Omroep West recently joined one of the University’s Summer Tours. These exclusive tours give you a peek behind the scenes at the Academy Building, P.J. Veth Building and Bibliotheca Thysiana: buildings with a long, rich history.

‘We’re the oldest university in the Netherlands,’ says history student and tour guide Dirk van Vugt. ‘Four four four is an appealing number. We’re doing lots of things with the number four. And we’re involving the local community because although most people have heard of the University, there are a lot of places that they haven’t seen from the inside.’

Not just dry facts

‘It’s fun to hear about the history of the University from a guide,’ says one visitor. ‘Obviously, you can read it in books, but that’s just dry facts, whereas the tour is a real experience.’ 

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