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Urban Trail: entrants given the run of Wijnhaven

Not a straight road in sight, but instead a route through buildings, alleyways and gardens that aren't usually open to the public. As in previous years, the KLM Urban Trail took the entrants to the prettiest spots in The Hague. And this year, it took them right through our Wijnhaven building.

The fourth edition of the KLM Urban Trail Den Haag was held on Sunday 7 July. To celebrate the 444th birthday of Leiden University, the entrants were given the run of the Wijnhaven building. The route took them through a lecture hall and down the Spanish Steps before exiting the building and continuing through the centre of The Hague. A DJ provided musical encouragement, and those able to slow down for long enough posed for a photo as a professor.

A few impressions of the day

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