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More accommodation for students in Leiden and The Hague

For academic year 2019-2020, an additional 270 housing units will be available for international students in Leiden and The Hague. Around 1,050 extra rooms in total will be available for students in both cities.

This is the achievement of the Student Accommodation Taskforces, in which the University, the universities of applied sciences and the municipalities of Leiden and The Hague have joined forces to create extra accommodation in the two student cities. These parties are also trying to improve the information that students and prospective students receive on finding affordable accommodation.

Accommodation especially for international students

This summer, an extra 140 furnished rooms will become available for international students in ‘t Hofflantshuys, a former sheltered housing complex in Voorschoten, alongside 61 furnished/part furnished rooms in Leemanstoren in The Hague and 70 housing units in Leidse Schans.

In addition, international bachelor’s students will be able to take advantage of a priority regulation from June for a number of buildings in The Hague and Leiden. This is available through DUWO (room.nl). Further information will follow about the number of buildings and locations.

Over 700 extra housing units for students in Leiden and The Hague

The remainder of the additional accommodation next academic year will consist of 774 extra units, 397 of which will be in Leiden/Leidse Schans and 377 in Leemanstoren in The Hague. These units will be for all students studying at the University or the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden and The Hague.

University will continue efforts to create more student accommodation

Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board of the University, Martijn Ridderbos, says, ‘This is the fantastic result of the joint efforts of the municipalities, the University and the housing office. We will continue our efforts in the coming years, with the aim of increasing the range of affordable housing for students.’

Councillors from both student cities are also pleased with the results. Fleur Spijker, Councillor for Sustainable Urbanisation in Leiden, says, ‘We are working hard to ensure that more accommodation is created for students in our city. The extra accommodation that will be available this academic year is a huge step in the right direction.’

Boudewijn Revis, Councillor for Urban Development in The Hague, says, ‘With the educational institutions growing as they are, The Hague is turning into more of a student city. There must be enough space for students who want to live here and work here later. We are therefore working hard to create enough accommodation so that all this talent can come to The Hague and can stay here too.’

Working together to create more student accommodation

The Student Accommodation Taskforce will continue to work to create more student accommodation in Leiden and The Hague. Anneleen Lagae, the new director of DUWO in Leiden as of 1 June, says, ‘This shows that collaboration really is worthwhile: more than 1,000 new student flats in the region next year! That’s a fabulous start for a new director. And we haven’t finished yet either. I’m looking forward to working with the Taskforce in the coming period.’

Still difficult to find accommodation

It will still be difficult for both Dutch and international students to find affordable housing in the two cities for the next academic year. The parties in the Taskforce have agreed that the communication has to be transparent and realistic. International students, in particular, who will be starting at the University next academic year will receive a clear message from the University, ‘It is extremely difficult to find a room in Leiden and The Hague. If you don’t have a room before you leave, don’t come to Leiden or The Hague.’

Even more student housing

The Student Accommodation Taskforce will continue to work in Leiden and The Hague to realise more student housing in both cities. In Leiden, the University, together with the municipality, the LUMC and the University of Applied Sciences, aims to create an extra 2,700 rooms in the period from 2019 to 2026. The municipality of The Hague plans to create an additional 1,900 rooms in the period from 2017 to 2020. For the period 2020 to 2026, it aims to create a further 3,000 housing units for students from the University and universities of applied sciences.

Photo above: A new high-rise providing student housing on Leemansplein, The Hague. This was completed at the end of May 2019.

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