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Mid-Term Review 2019

As part of our quality control system, we will host the Mid Term Review (2016-2018) on 28 June 2019. In this exercise, our faculty research programmes will be evaluated by an external committee and assessed against the criteria of: scholarly quality, societal relevance and viability.

As this is a mid-term rather than a formal assessment, we have opted for a lighter process. Nonetheless, we would like to benefit from this moment to jointly reflect on our research output and strategies. 

Next week on Friday, the committee, chaired by Professor Cedric Ryngaert, will visit our Law School for a site visit. We will present our research through panels, poster presentations and individual conversations. On the basis of their impressions of the day as well as previously submitted documentation, the committee will make their assessment and report back to the Faculty Board in September. The committee reports will not grade the research but rather offer insights on risks and opportunities and provide recommendations on how to make further improvements, also with a view to the upcoming formal assessment in a few years. 

We would also like to use the opportunity of this mid-term review to offer YOU all a chance to familiarise yourself with the research that is being conducted at our Law School, also outside the research programme in which you participate. We have purposefully organised the site visit as a faculty-wide conference for all our fellows and researchers. You are thus most welcome to join in and attend one of the panels. A great turn out is obviously also an excellent indicator of the research climate at our Law School. In sum, we hope to welcome you on the 28th.

Programme of the day.

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