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New assessor Bas Schaalje: 'Give our students a voice'

The successor of assessor Marleen van Dorst has been appointed: from September 2019, Bas Schaalje will be the assessor for one year. The master student ICT in Business and the Public Sector wants to make sure that students feel heard by the Faculty.


As assessor, Bas will represent the students on the Faculty Board, but he will also be the voice of the study associations, the Programme Committee, and the Faculty Council. Bas is ambitious: ‘I will do everything in my power to keep the quality of education as high as possible.’ To this end, he wants to make effective use of course evaluations in order to implement changes where necessary. ‘I also want to make sure that students feel heard by the Faculty; I want to give them a say in the decisions. And it's also important to inform them in time about what's going to happen.’

Bas Schaalje introduces himself

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Being and staying a student

‘What is also important to me is that students are also able to develop themselves alongside their education. I'm going to make it easier for those students to get credits and to give them the right support.’ In addition, Bas attaches importance to him remaining among the students himself: ‘I surely intend to continue studying next year. After all, being an assessor is a student on the board of the faculty, so it is crucial to keep up that role of student.’


After having five female assessor in a row, the Faculty now gets a male assessor. Rembrandt Donkersloot was the last male student member of the Faculty Board in 2013-2014. Bas Schaalje will success Marleen van Dorst, who will continue her master’s Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology. During her year as assessor, Marleen focused on more attention for internationalisation, diversity, but also the mental health of students.


Last year, Bas was treasurer of the Studievereniging Overleg Platform. The year before, he was secretary of Stichting Bètabanenmarkt. In the current academic year, he is a student-assistant in two courses in the bachelor's programme in Computer Science and Economics.

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