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Timeline Humanities: 444 years back in time

What better place to look back at 444 years of Leiden University than at the faculty where we actually study our history? To celebrate this special year, a physical timeline about 444 years of Humanities has been crafted in the Lipsius building.

The study association for the History study programme, the Historical Study Association Leiden (HSVL), together with 444-coordinator Lyonne van Gaalen, have created a timeline that, in a playful way, depicts stories about the students, scholars and many developments at the Faculty of Humanities. 

This year is a festive year for the HSVL, because not only do they celebrate 444 years of Leiden University, but also their 30th anniversary. Earlier this year, they already helped organising other Humanities Matter activities, such as the New Year's reception and the Faculty Symposium, but they wanted to do a little something extra and came up with the idea of placing a physical timeline in the Lipsius building.

Dirk van Vugt, HSVL's president, talks about the idea behind the timeline: 'We all do very different studies, that at first might seem not to overlap. But we share a faculty at which a lot of things have happened and that way we are connected through a common history.'

'I think it's really cool to see this project's result run through the hall so physically. You can't miss it! This is a good example of the cooperation between students and the faculty that we want to achieve during this 444-year,' says Lyonne.

'It's great that as a student you can approach the big faculty with an idea and that they actually listen to you,' adds Dirk. 'We are very grateful to Lyonne for being so enthusiastic about this project and for the fact that the collaboration ran so smoothly.'

On Tuesday afternoon, the timeline was officially unveiled and can be admired all year round in the central hall of the Lipsius building.

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