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LOVA Study Day 2019: Gender Moves

Together with LOVA (Association for Feminist Anthropology), Jasmijn Rana organized the seminar ‘Gender Moves on May 10, 2019. This seminar explored how gender is enacted and reproduced in movement and how gendered movement contributes to dismantling and/or reinforcing ideas and norms about gender the study day brought together scholars, students and others working on sports, dance, physical exercise and other embodied practices, to further discussions on the relation between movement, embodiment and gender.

Two keynote lectures were delivered, by Dr. Alex Channon and Dr. Kathy Davis (VU Amsterdam) and two panels that discussed various topics regarding sports and dance, and how these themes relate to gender. The central question weaving together the various presentations was how our ideas about gender and the way we move interact with and influence each other.

For more information, see LOVA Network https://lova.network/lova-study-day-2019-gender-moves/

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