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Looking back on the outstanding book presentation from Leandro Mancano

Last Thursday, the April edition of the ILS Lunch Seminars took place. This well visited seminar took on a slightly different format, since we had the honour of receiving Leandro Mancano from the University of Edinburgh.

Leandro Mancano presented his new book on “The European Union and Deprivation of Liberty: A Legislative and Judicial Analysis from the Perspective of the Individual” which will be released in the beginning of May 2019. This relatively understudied topic gave Mancano the opportunity to develop a common framework to understand contemporary issues of the deprivation of liberty in the European Union. In his book, Mancano explains the legislative and judicial approach of the European Union to the deprivation of liberty from the perspective of fundamental rights within the EU legal order. He uses a holistic, Union-specific methodology to explain how different legal phenomena connected to the deprivation of liberty have been introduced in EU law. In his research, Mancano distinguishes four main areas of EU law involvement in this area: substantive EU criminal law; mutual recognition and procedural EU criminal law; EU immigration and asylum law and free movement and citizenship.

In his excellent presentation, Mancano explained how this last area, the freedom of movement and citizenship, needed to be protected by the implementation of a coherent EU legal framework. This legal framework was extended to the field of criminal justice in order to protect the freedoms of the Union, reflecting the very DNA of EU law; the balance between expansion of the Union project (focused on dynamic integration) and individual fundamental rights protection. However, instruments such as the European Arrest Warrant also introduced the forced movement of individuals both within and outside the EU. Mancano concluded that in this way, the free movement-oriented approach to liberty makes fundamental rights means to an end.

The next ILS Lunch Seminar will take place on Thursday 23 May from 12:00 hrs until 13:00 hrs in KOG B0.13. This seminar will feature a presentation from Hoko Horii. There is no need to register and lunch will be provided.

Would you like to present yourself in one of our Lunch Seminars? Do not hesitate to contact our student assistant Daila Gigengack! More information on ILS 2.0 can be found on our website.

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