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Over 50 citizen science ideas

From how litter spreads to which languages are spoken in Leiden and The Hague: over 50 interesting, surprising, complex and entertaining questions were sent in for the Citizen Science Project to mark our 444th anniversary.

The questions came from all corners of the two cities and from residents, residents’ associations and researchers. Ten of the questions were developed into proposals, which the jury now will consider. 

Depending on the required budget, the jury will select one or more proposals that will be carried out. The jury members are Martijn Ridderbos, Vice-President of the Executive Board of Leiden University; citizen science researcher Wessel Ganzevoort; Paul Dirkse, Leiden alderman for Knowledge, Education, Sport and Finance; and knowledge broker Lara Ummels.

Citizen Science Lab

The jury will announce which proposal has been chosen to be carried out as a citizen science project in Leiden or The Hague. This is part of Leiden University’s 444th-anniversary celebrations, and has been made possible with the financial support of the Municipality of Leiden and Leiden University. The project will be supervised by the Citizen Science Lab.

The remaining proposals won’t be consigned to the dustbin: the Citizen Science Lab will help the originators of the proposals in any way it can, and will look for other ways to realise the projects. The Citizen Science Lab will also try to find researchers who can help answer the questions that were not developed into proposals.

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