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Positive assessment of teaching quality at Leiden University

Leiden University has received a positive assessment in the Institutional Quality Assessment audit (ITK). This is the second time that quality assurance at Leiden University has been assessed positively.

This was announced on 22 February by the panel of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands/Flanders (NVAO), the organisation that carried out the ITK.  The conclusion is based on verbal feedback by the panel. Vice-Rector Hester Bijl was delighted with this result: ‘The quality of our education has our full attention and we are happy that this was apparent to the assessment panel  in the many discussions they had with students, lecturers and administrators.' 


The chair of the panel indicated that he was impressed by the 'highly motivated and ambitious teaching staff' at Leiden University, and that such a committed Vice-Rector is an excellent figurehead for her educational policies.

The definite report  by the panel is expected in two months. Bijl: ‘We are going to make good use of this. The recommendations are in line with the areas of improvement that we identified in our self-reflection. The ITK provides guidelines for continuing to improve our education. We thank all delegates for their enthusiastic contribution.'

The NVAO panel also indicated that the University Plan for Quality Agreements meets requirements. This is an ambitious plan to improve the quality of the teaching with the advance funds for teaching that arise from the loan system. 

About the Quality Assurance Institutional Assessment

The ITK takes place once every six years to assess the quality of our education. The NVAO panel visited Leiden University on 22 and 23 January and 22, 21 and 22 February this year. They had discussions with lecturers, students, administrators and other relevant parties about the visition for teaching and learning, the teaching policy and quality assurance. 

Leiden University's self-reflection 

Prior to this visit, Leiden University produced a self-reflection document. This self-reflection was conducted in close discussion with the Vice-Deans of the Faculties and was discussed with many different groups in the University. In a number of University-wide lunch sessions in 2018, all the University's staff and students were able to give their input. The self-assessment was approved by the University Council and the Board of Governors. 

Image: staff members of Leiden University in discussion with members of the NVAO panel (photograph: Eelkje Colmjon).

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