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Leiden University climbs international rankings on sustainability

Leiden University has climbed to 24th place in the UI Green Metric, an international sustainability ranking for universities. This puts Leiden University among the top 6% of high-scoring universities worldwide. 719 universities from 81 countries took place in the ranking.

Leiden took part in the UI Green Metric for the second time. Last year Leiden was ranked in 49th place. Of the 113 universities located in city centres, Leiden is in fifth position. Within Europe, 230 universities took part and Leiden is in 17th position. Of the more than 700 participating universities, 431 filled in the comprehensive questionnaire this year.  

Leiden scores highly on energy, waste and transport

Leiden performs well on the themes of energy, waste and transport, and averagely on the themes of water and education. There is still a lot of work to be done and progress to be made in the areas of water and infrastructure. 

In terms of education (and sustainability), Leiden is lagging behind somewhat. The University does not make sufficiently clear what lectures and courses are offered. New initiatives are often still restricted to personal initiatives by lectures who believe sustainability is important and who are able to incorporate it into their teaching. The University realises that more efforts are needed to make sustainability a more structural part of the different disciplines and that this has to be communicate more clearly.

Top positions for Dutch universities

Dutch universities are performig better, partly thanks to the network they set up to share experiences and knowledge about sustainability. Leiden is in third place among the Dutch universities, six of which took part this year: Wageningen is in first place, Groningen is seventh, Delft is in 31st position, Radboud 111 and Tilburg 464  (some Tilburg input was missing from the ranking). 

The Gorlaeus Building now has the biggest solar panel roof of Leiden!

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