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Andrew Gawthorpe wins the Carla Musterd Award for Teaching

At the Institute’s Council meeting of last December the Institute’s biannual prize for teaching was awarded.

The award is named after Carla Musterd, a former, highly valued member of staff, who was famous for her unflinching dedication to teaching standards and excellence. The award is created to give more status to the teaching profession and to recognize the outstanding contribution and commitment of staff members. The prize has been awarded six times in the last twelve years.

The Board of the Institute for History has requested the chairs of the Teaching Committees of all the various degree programmes our staff is involved in to nominate their favorite candidate with a short motivation. No less than seven names were passed in review. To come to a decision on who of these seven nominees should actually be awarded the prize, the Board looked at the course evaluations, the number of respondents and the track record.

The Board congratulates Andrew Gawthorpe for being awarded the Carla Musterd Award for Teaching 2018. The Board was deeply impressed with his dedication for teaching, his creative efforts to make learning challenging and the impact he has made on his student’s learning.

A student of the course 'The Humanities and International Relations' stated: “He is one of the great teachers I’ve had; One of the best courses I’ve ever taken; Easily the best teaching experience I’ve had so far in six years at Leiden… Why can’t everyone teach like that?”


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