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Rethinking Disability through visual storytelling

The ERC project Rethinking Disability has been selected to participate in the ERCcOMICS scheme which exploits the power of visual storytelling to innovate the way in which European science is communicated.

The initiative is funded by the H2020 Innovation programme and coordinated by Sorbonne University in partnership with La Bande Destinée (a French Communication Agency). It aims to promote and explain the achievements of ERC-funded projects for academic audiences as well as for society as a whole. Each webcomic is the result of a close cooperation between the ERC grantee, the ERCcOMICS team and a comic artist. In the course of 2019, 10 webcomic episodes will be produced on the basis of the research conducted within the remit of Rethinking Disability and they will be made available online on the ERCcOMICS website .

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