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Creating and celebrating excellent Extended Essays: launching Leiden University’s Academic Challenge

The ‘Wetenschapscongres for vwo’ gets an Anglophone edition: 'Leiden University’s Academic Challenge’.

The Academic Challenge is organized for students in international and bilingual schools. During the event, students from VWO 4 and 5  and students from year 10 and 11 can participate in the Academic Challenge and in inspirational workshops that will contribute to the extended essays they will write in the near future. Students from VWO 6 and students from year 12 can present their extended essays during the Academic Challenge and participate in the competition for the best research presentation in English.

As of the 2018-2019 academic year, students can choose to participate in either the Dutch-spoken or English-spoken edition. The Academic Challenge solely focusses on Anglophone ‘profielwerkstukken’ (bilingual schools) and extended essays (international schools). Both events are part of the Loket Profielwerkstukken from Leiden University.

Important dates

4 June 2019 in the Hague: Leiden University’s Academic Challenge

18 June 2019 in Leiden: Wetenschapscongres voor vwo (Dutch)

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