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Help student Roos to become UN Youth Delegate

This week Leiden student Roos Kolkman will be campaigning throughout the country to win the votes of Dutch youth in order to become the next UN Youth Delegate for Sustainable Development.

Leiden students can help her achieve her goal! How? Simply go to the website and follow the instructions. Unfortunately only Dutch nationals are allowed to vote, but of course internationals can help by telling their friends to vote for Roos!

Roos studies International Justice and Sustainability at Leiden University College. Her drive to contribute to a more sustainable world started when discovered diving. Here she witnessed the detrimental effects of plastic had on the marine environment. This motivated her to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and to focus on issues of sustainable development. In her second year of university she organised a model united nations conference centred around the ‘Global repercussions: The key role of environmental security’ theme. With her belief in ‘small changes’ her campaign focuses on the positive: what can we, as individuals, do to help the climate? She believes there is plenty we can do – and in case she becomes the UN Youth Delegate she hopes to advocate ideas of all young people throughout the Netherlands on these issues. Leiden wishes her the best of luck!

Want to know more or have an idea about contributing to sustainability that you want to share with Roos? You can email her, find her on Facebook (Roos voor de VN), Instagram (roosvoordevn) or visit her website.

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