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International Symposium on Social Work in Juvenile Justice in Beijing

Stephanie Rap and Julia Sloth-Nielsen have presented at the International Symposium on Social Work in Juvenile Justice in Beijing, from 27-28 October 2018.

The symposium was organised by the Beijing Youth Social Work Research Institute at Capital Normal University and led by Prof. Xi, Xiao Hua, in collaboration with the Raoul Wallenburg Institute and UNICEF China. International and Chinese experts exchanged knowledge and experiences on the involvement of social work services in the juvenile justice systems. Next to the Netherlands (Stephanie Rap) and South Africa (Julia Sloth-Nielsen), experts from Sweden, the United States, Canada, England, Zimbabwe and Hong Kong presented on their national legislation and practices in this field. The results of the symposium will be published in a book in 2019, in English and in Chinese.

Stephanie Rap also gave guest lectures at Renmin University of China Law School and the Research Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at Peking University Law School in Beijing on juvenile justice and children’s rights.

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