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Impressions from the Nexus 1492 fieldwork in the Dominican Republic

The summer has flown by and the Nexus 1492 team in Valverde, Dominican Republic, has once again had an exciting and successful season!

Excavations took place at the late Ceramic Age site of El Carril (11-14thcentury). El Carril is a site with mounds and levelled areas, on which the Amerinidan inhabitants constructed their houses. This year, we have registered 102 mounds, 616 postholes, 25 hearth features and 4 burials. Surveys were carried out simultaneously to document the landscape around the site.

El Carril is located 2 km from the contemporeanous site of El Flaco (Leiden fieldschool 2013-2016) and approximately 20 km from the coast on the foothills of the Cordillera Septentrional. The area is famous for its location along the Ruta de Colon, the route that Columbus took in 1494 from the first Spanish town of La Isabela towards the Valle del Cibao on the quest of gold and colonization of the Americas. Have a look at the video with impressions from the field work, put together by field assistant Finn van der Leden.

Fieldwork Impressions - Dominican Republic 2018

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