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Documentary Plastic Soup Surfer on National Geographic

Biologist, artist, activist and Leiden alumnus Merijn Tinga supped the river Rijn in 28 days, to gain attention for plastic waste. His journey of more than 1000 kilometers has been captured in the documentary ‘From Source to Sea’, that can be seen on 4 June at 20:50 on National Geographic Channel.


Tinga, also known as the Plastic Soup Surfer, has been campaigning for years to combat plastic waste. Recently with success: the European Commission has made plans to reduce the use of plastic products, partly through the efforts of Tinga. In the documentary 'From Source to Sea' you can see how Tinga - with TU Delft - makes a high-tech board out of plastic waste and then paddles the Rhine, from Switzerland to the North Sea. With his surfboard he wants to show how much plastic is made and how much of it ends up in our rivers. 'The board is the message,' says Tinga in the trailer.

In the media

Dutch media attention for Tinga's journey and his documentary:

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