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Call for Paper Proposals China: Global Leadership Diplomacy

A more powerful and prosperous China is exerting unprecedented influence on global affairs and the Chinese government is openly pursuing a proactive diplomacy. Reflecting the importance of these developments, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy is now calling for paper proposals for a special issue.

What does it mean when China says it is facing an opportunity to “restore itself to greatness and return to its rightful position in the world”? How will China, which considers itself in “a leading position in terms of economic and technological strength, defence capabilities, and composite national strength”, conduct its global diplomacy and exercise leadership? What kind of norms and rules does China offer for the fairer and reasonable world order it has called for? How distinct is China’s diplomacy or to what extent does it differ from that of those powers which China has always criticized as practicing power politics? How do the changes in China’s diplomacy fit in the global trends of diplomatic transformation? Will China’s new diplomatic practice contribute to building a diplomatic theory with Chinese characteristics, or make the study of Chinese diplomacy “a scientific and systematic discipline” as called by Zhou Enlai at the founding of the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1949?

All these questions are not only important for China’s diplomacy but for the future of China and the world at large. To answer them and solve these puzzles The Hague Journal of Diplomacy is calling for paper proposals on these and related topics for a double special issue.

Please send your 200 word abstract before 20 July to Guest Editor Prof. Zhang Qingmin, Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs, School of International Studies, Peking University, China. Prof. Zhang collaborates closely with HJD Co-Editors Jan Melissen and Paul Sharp.

Email Prof. Zhang Qingmin: zhangqingmin@yahoo.com
Email Jan Melissen: jmelissen@clingendael.org
Email Paul Sharp: psharp@d.umn.edu

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