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The Hague: a world full of stories

The Centre for Modern Urban Studies (MUS) is a special part of the faculty. Research at MUS is interdisciplinary and is at the intersection of city studies, social history and migration history. Since its foundation in November 2005, the study of the history of The Hague from 1880 on has had a central role.

MUS-director prof.dr. Wim Willems, who was born in The Hague, has mainly focused on the study of modern social history of The Hague, as a ‘city professor’. He did so by immersing in the city and exploring the history of all groups of people who settled in The Hague in the course of time.  He wanted their history to be given a face.

Wim Willems has retired now. The Faculty Board had a magazine published with which they thank him for his work and for the specific way in which he fulfilled his job.

Would you like to receive the magazine? Send a mail to communicatie@fgga.leidenuniv.nl



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