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Students learn about the work of the United Nations

Leiden students organised a Model United Nations (MUN) from 3 to 6 May in The Hague. An MUN simulates the working of the United Nations and is intended to allow students to learn about the practice of international relations. View the photo series.

The theme of the Model United Nations The Hague (MUNOTH) was: ‘Worldwide repercussions: environmental protection als sleutelrol’. Students discussed sub-topics, such as renewable energy in developing countries, in various committees. More concrete subjects were also considered, such as Bolivia's access to the Pacific Ocean. In the simulated Security Council, there was even talk of reforming the supreme body of the United Nations.

A participant during a simulated committee meeting about NATO.
Representatives from France, China and Russia discussing a proposed reform of the Security Council.
The Philippine representative explains a working document on the production of sustainable energy in developing countries.
MUNOTH participants also had the opportunity to question real diplomats during one of the evening activities.

Want to know more about the Model United Nations of The Hague 2018? Read the reports on their website.

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