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Silver and bronze for Dutch girls at European Girl’s Mathematic Olympiade

At the European Girl’s Mathematical Olympiad, which took place from 9 to 15 April in Florence, Italië, Gabriëlle Zwanenveld (17) from The Hague won a silver medal. Christel van Diepen (17) from Arnhem and Anouk Egging (17) from Deventer both won a bronze medal. The fourth team member, Floor Beks (16) from Grou, managed to solve one of the six competition tasks flawlessly and received an honorable mention.

MI as partner

The Mathematical Institute (MI) of Leiden University is a partner of the Olympiad. Brigit van Dalen from the MI helped as supervisor of the Dutch team.

Female talent

The Mathematica Olympiad especially for ladies is organized annually to stimulate girls to avail themselves of their mathematical talent. On each of the two completion days, the students had to solve three math assignments. To do so, both times they got four and a half hours' time.

Results of team NL

For each task, the participants could earn seven points. The Dutch participants have achieved the following results:

22 points – SILVER: Gabriëlle Zwaneveld (17 years, Den Haag, Gymnasium Novum Voorburg)

19 points – BRONZE: Anouk Eggink (17 years, Deventer, Etty Hillesum Lyceum, location het Vlier Deventer)

16 points – BRONZE: Christel van Diepen (17 years, Arnhem, Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen)

11 points – HONORABLE MENTION: Floor Beks (16 years, Grou, Christelijk Gymnasium Beyers Naudé)

International debut

Whereas Christel and Anouk already participated in earlier editions of the European Girls' Mathematics Olympiad, this competition was Gabriëlle’s debut at international level. Gabriëlle: "The past year I was fully committed to it. Solving a problem is one thing, but finishing your solution with a water proof is second. This is something I learned during the training this year and could now apply very well. "

The ranking

In total, 52 of the 195 participants received a bronze medal, 39 a silver medal and 17 a gold medal. In the unofficial country classification, the Netherlands took a 24th place from the 52 participating teams. In addition to European teams also guest teams from Brazil, Japan and Mexico competed.

More information

The scores of the Dutch team:https://www.egmo.org/registration/2018/country33

About the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) 2018: http://www.egmo2018.org

About EGMO in general: http://www.egmo.org

About the Dutch Mathematical Olympiad: http://www.wiskundeolympiade.nl

Team NL supervisors

  • Birgit van Dalen (Leiden University & ISW Hoogeland Naaldwijk)
  • Quintijn Puite (Technical University Eindhoven & University of Applied Sciences Utrecht)
  • Jetze Zoethout (Utrecht University)

The Mathematics Olympiad is organized in collaboration with Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Universiteit Leiden,Transtrend, ORTEC & Rabobank and is made possible by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, ABN AMRO, ASML, Statistics Netherlands (CBS), Compositio, Dutch National Bank, HP, Noordhoff Uitgevers, Cito, Freudenthal Institution, the Archimedes Insitute of University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the Dutch Association of math teachers.

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