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Melanie Fink member Coordinating Committee ESIL Interest Group ‘The EU as a Global Actor’

In April 2018, Melanie Fink was elected as a member of the Coordinating Committee of the ESIL Interest Group ‘The EU as a Global Actor’. For the next four years, she will work in that function alongside Christine Kaddous (University of Geneva), Anne Thies (University of Reading), and Ramses Wessel (University of Twente).

ESIL, the European Society of International Law, is the leading European network that brings together people working in the field of international law. Through its Interest Groups, ESIL provides its members with an opportunity for on-going interaction with colleagues along thematic lines. The Interest Group 'The EU as a Global Actor' offers a network for those members with an interest in issues such as the interrelationship between European and international law, and the role and responsibilities of the EU in the international order.

As a member of the Coordinating Committee of the Interest Group on the EU as a Global Actor, Melanie will help organise joint activities on topics at the intersection of EU and international law. She hopes to in particular stimulate engagement with topics in two areas more specifically. The first concerns EU agencies, which have become increasingly important actors in EU external relations over the last few years. The second concerns the EU’s role in maritime law enforcement, in particular with a view to the protection of human rights and the EU’s international responsibility.

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