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Get to know the Leiden University Green Office

Got some good ideas for making studying and working at the university greener? If so, share them with the Leiden University Green Office.

The Leiden University Green Office (LUGO) was started in 2016 with the aim of putting students' and staff ideas about sustainability into practice. A team of six students, supported by staff from the Real Estate department, is actively engaged in incorporating sustainability in Leiden's teaching and research. 

Are you curious about the kinds of activities LUGO is organising on the theme of sustainability?  The video below will tell you more. 

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The Leiden University Green Office is located at Reuvensplaats 2 in Leiden and their contact details are:

Information on LUGO's activities can be found on

Sustainability facts

  • Since the start of 2017, Leiden University has used 100% Dutch renewable wind energy. Even in 2016, half of the energy used was from Dutch windmills, and the remaining half from Norwegian hydropower.
  • The Faculty of Science is a major energy consumer. The geothermal heat exchange system installed in the new building will reduce the use of gas from 3 million to 35,000 cubic metres. 
  • Agriculture has an enormous effect on the environment. If we were all to eat less meat (no meat one day a week, or a maximum of 70 grams of meat a day), this would make an enormous difference. 
  • The solar panels on the roof of Plexus generate 15,000 kWh, and more such panels are going to be installed: on two buildings in the city centre and four on the Leiden Bio Science Park. The energy the University produces itself will then rise to 385,000 kWh.
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