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College Tour with Alexander Pechtold in Wijnhaven

Just before the city council election, the foreman of D66 was visiting the Campus The Hague.

On 14 March, around 200 students gathered at the Spanish Step for a College Tour event with Alexander Pechtold. Because, like a Collegue Tour, students could ask all the questions they wanted answers to. Under the guidance of a moderator, an alumni of Public Administration, many topics were discussed in 1 hour. For example, he answered questions about the student loan system, about the referendum regarding the Intelligence and Security Services Act, about the legislative proposal to abolish the referendum, about the health care system, etc.

And of course Mr. Pechtold gave a voting advice to the students. But fortunately, students themselves are very capable of making their own choices. The debate was clarified as a result of which students were able to cast their vote with even more substantiation.

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