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Students wanted: Internalization and Effects of Nanomaterials in Freshwater Organisms

Students searched for a student project about internalization and the effects of nanomaterials in freshwater organisms. Open to BSc and MSc students and any timeframe.

Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) are produced in a variety of sizes, shapes and compositions and exhibit interesting properties and behavior that distinguish them from conventional materials. As emissions of ENMs to the environment are expected to increase in the coming decades, there has been a growing interest into studying if and how these nano-specific properties may influence their environmental fate and (eco)toxicity.

We are looking for motivated students (BSc or MSc) who are interested in investigating the internalization and effects of various ENMs in freshwater organisms (e.g. Daphnia magna, Lymnaea stagnalisDreissena polymorpha), in a variety of settings. Candidates will be performing laboratory experiments and gain experience in animal handling, ecotoxicological testing and imaging techniques.

Possibilities for projects range from single species internalization/toxicity tests to microcosm setups, and can be adjusted to suit the candidate's experience and interests.


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