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New lecture series on sustainability

What are the implications for life on Earth of the declining numbers of insects? How does the ever increasing stream of of energy and material flowing through our cities impact the global environmental ? Find out the answers to these and more questions on sustainability in the new monthly lecture series Triple-E.

Globally renowned and inspiring thinkers and scientists are invited to talk about Ecology, Energy and Environment: Triple-E. They are amongst the major themes of our time, which encompass the key challenges regarding our planet’s future. Particularly those regarding natural resources, climate change and environmental degradation. The Institute of Environmental Sciences Leiden in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainability organizes this monthly cross-disciplinary lecture series. All employees and students from Leiden University, as well everyone else who is interested in the Triple-E themes, are very welcome to visit the free monthly lectures at the Van Steenis Building in Leiden.

On 22 February, Hans de Kroon and Caspar Hallman will kick of the lecture series. Three-quarters of flying insects in nature reserves across Germany have vanished in 25 years, with serious implications for all life on Earth. The recent study by the group of Hans de Kroon and Caspar Hallman revealed the scale of the losses to all insects and prompted warnings that the world is ' on course for ecological Armageddon', with profound impacts on human society. In this first triple-E-lecture both Hans and Caspar will come to discuss their recent discoveries - and the way forward.

Prof. Hans de Kroon and Caspar Hallman MSc are both from the Radboud University Nijmegen and collaborate in a program on the resilience of plant and bird communities in a dramatically changing European landscape.

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