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Coaching secondary school pupils

Learning from and with each other. The 'Haags Mentorprogramma" started on 7 February 2018 and links students from Leiden University and De Haagse Hogeschool with pupils from 3 havo of Wateringse Veld College and from the Johan de Witt Scholengroep.

Why a mentoring programme?

The pupils need extra one-to-one attention, when choosing a follow-up study, when discovering their talents or when developing study skills. Or just extra attention for how they are getting on.

Students in turn fulfill the role of mentor, because they are close to the experiences of the pupils. Students learn what it is like to coach someone in practice and in this way expand their own social network. In addition, they have weekly intervision under the supervision of a lecturer and there are meetings about coaching, adolescents and diversity.

Leiden University students

Project leader Sanne Bosker of ICLON of Leiden University says that there was so much enthusiasm among students that selection was needed. Students from ICLON, Honors College and Leiden University College, among others, came forward enthusiastically. With this group the pilot started last |Wednesday and it will run until the end of this school year. A follow-up will take place in the new school year with two new groups; no lack of interest!


The Haags Mentorprogramma is a collaboration between Leiden University, De Haagse Hogeschool, the Zuid-West College, the Johan de Witt Scholengroep and Durf te dromen (Dare to dream). They work in close cooperation to ensure a smooth transition between secondary education and higher education. And focus on learning in practice, connecting different target groups and increasing the social networks of the teachers, students and pupils involved.

More information about the Haags Mentorprogramma

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