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Beyond The Last Utopia? A Student Blog Series About the History of Human Rights

As a result of the MA-course History of Human Rights, dr. Paul van Trigt and students who participated in the course wrote a series of blogs concerning human rights, their history, and current historiographical debates and controversies.

Over the last few years, human rights have become subject of intense debates in historiography. Sam Moyn’s provocative book The Last Utopia (2010) made in particular clear how important it is to investigate precisely which meaning human rights have been given in a particular context. During the research seminar, students have critically evaluated Moyn’s perspective by discussing his book and related literature with other theoretical underpinnings, alternative methods  and new empirical findings. This resulted in a wonderful series of papers about very different topics. For the forthcoming blog posts, students have summarized their findings.The blogs will appear throughout February and March on rethinkingdisability.net.

On a related note, Sam Moyn will give a lecture on his latest book Not Enough. Human Rights in an Unequal World on June 13th. More information will follow soon.

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