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Musical interlude dies natalis performed by Practicum Musicae-students

On February 8 the 443rd dies natalis will take place in the Pieterskerk in Leiden.

Musical interlude

The music will be performed by an ensemble of doubly-talented students from different faculties at Leiden University, who combine their academic education with an instrumental main study at the Royal Conservatoire at The Hague in the Practicum Musicae programme of the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (Faculty of Humanities).

Repertoire and performers

Heinrich von Herzogenberg (1843-1900)

Trio for oboe, horn and piano op.61: Deel 1 Allegretto             

Heinrich Molbe (1835-1915)  

Air Arabe, trio for oboe, horn  and piano, op.77                                                                                                                          

Emiel Beinema (1996) has been involved with music from a very young age. He started in a boys’ choir, but at the age of eleven opted to study the horn. This year Emiel will complete the Practicum Musicae as a pupil of Herman Jeurissen at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, and will at the same time complete his bachelor’s programme in Computer Science at Leiden University. He is a regular oboist in the Leiden student orchestra Collegium Musicum and frequently performs in concerts with other orchestras and ensembles.

Maud Busschers (1996) has been playing oboe since the age of fourteen and has been a member of diverse orchestra projects and chamber music ensembles. This year she started the bachelor’s programme at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, under Karel Schoofs. Besides music, she also studies Philosophy at Leiden University and is permanent first oboist with the Sweelinck orchestra, at the University of Amsterdam.

Friederike Pank (1994) grew up in a musical family in Leipzig and has played piano since the age of six.  In Germany she took part in the annual ‘jugend musiziert’ and ‘musik für kommunen’ competitions with great success. She has been a student of International Studies  in The Hague since 2014 and also studies piano under Ksenia Kouzmenko and follows a duo class with Han-Louis Meijer at the Royal Conservatoire. With her passion for chamber music, Friederike has always been a member of various ensembles and choirs. She also accompanies a number of vocalists and is a member of a chamber orchestra, a quintet  and a trio. 


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