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Cleveringa meetings 2017: Will you be there?

From Amsterdam to Tokyo: on or around 26 November Cleveringa meetings will be taking place at more than 40 locations throughout the world. The meetings are organised by the Leiden University Fund (LUF) to commemorate the protest speech given by Professor Cleveringa and to foster relations with alumni and others.

Besides the lectures in the Netherlands, there will also be activities in many other countries. Many of these lectures will be in English so that international alumni can also attend. In Sydney, for example, you can hear Professor Rob Roggema talk about smart urban solutions for the city of the future, and in Jakarta Professor Petra Sijpesteijn will discuss the wisdom of the Arabs.

Lectures will be given in English in, amongst others, the following countries/cities:

New York

For more information, see the LUF-website.


The Cleveringa meetings are organised by LUF in cooperation with regional committees to commemorate the heroic speech delivered by Professor Rudolph Cleveringa on 26 November 1940 in protest against the dismissal of his Jewish colleagues.

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